hello world.

Welcome back to my little page, hope you are doing well.

here is a quick secret. i just wrote this post out and lost everything because i tried to add a picture, decided i didnt like it, cut it, then realised it deleted everything i just wrote.

so second attempt.

i first off would like to welcome the new followers to my little page. Im new at this whole writing thing but hope you stick around long enough that we grow together.

I got asked by a reader to help her out with an issue she is having. this is all done unknown to protect her, so she will be referred to as x(creative in know).

X said in her message she is currently being faced with a small problem, didnt have anyone to talk to and came across my blog. X told me her and her friend Z are going through this argument. X has had this crush on a boy in her grade but Z told her that the boy, J had recently asked for Z’s number. i hope youre keeping up with this. so X tried explaining to Y that X has had a crush on J for sometime but Y is set on going into this relationship with J.

now i cant say i have been through the exact same situation but i know what it is like seeing someone you like with someone else. spoiler alert it sucks! so i have some advise on how to get through this. first i suggest talking to her in person only. this way nothing can “get lost in translation”. second to tell Y that you obviously dont want to lose her because of a boy but she should respect the friendship too. maybe try telling her that you really like him and explain that it would be really uncomfortable for you to watch your best friend and your crush be together. I know it is a hard thing to do but its much easier doing it now before some real feelings develop between J and Y.

i hope my advice on how to approach this helps you. Please remember that no person is worth coming between a friendship and you can always talk to your best friend about anything. even if she is mad at you for one or two days, she will come around eventually.

goodluck on this X.

if any other readers need advice on something they are going through i am here if you need someone to talk to and even if you would like to just get something off your chest. Im here for you guys. i know how difficult it may be for someone to ask for advice or a person to lean on so im always looking to help with anything.

hope you have a good day,evening.

from now til later



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