to be or not to be


As i walk through busy streets i notice everyone, their eyes, the smiles or panic, what they say on the phone to their loved ones. I also notice on a different level the millions upon millions of molecules that shift between each individual and myself. As if one persons life is made easier by molecules moving aside for them and rather crash into me as if my life is of less importance.

The start of each season means a start of a new adventure. In autumn the trees abandon their old identities in preparation for the new. In the same way we humans decide it is the best time to start afresh in a sense of becoming healthier. but i have decided that this autumn and winter to not just take on a physical change but a personal one to. Since 2015 i have spun my cocoon and it has become my safe place- so i stay in one place.

i must admit that i do use my anxiety as an escape for not having to do anything new but its mainly out of the fear of failure. Do i take a risk and be embarrassed by the not so successful result or do i just not take any risk and never learn what i am capable of? To be or not to be…

The saying,” it is easier said than done” is quite fitting for the predicament i am currently faced with. I could easily promise myself i will stop being so scared of doing something, i will not hide inside my cocoon but rather blossom out into this beautiful butterfly. Easier said than done. So instead i will write a list of tasks i would like to do by the end of this year and write a small disclaimer that it is okay if i did not truly attempt not did i accomplish some of them but as long as i know i did not make an excuse.

a little confused by that disclaimer? My logic behind it is that if i put myself up on a pedestal and not achieve all i set out to do id be more disappointed and remain in my cocoon. Instead i will achieve what i can, attempt what i can and that will be enough knowing i have made more steps towards my great cocoon escape than days before.

To be or not to be?what is some of your “to be or not to be ” moments? A problem you are faced with, a story you would like to share or something similar to my thoughts? leave a comment and as always i will be keeping an eye out for it.

from now ’til later



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