rimmel foundation revies

hay all, how are you doing? hope you’re all doing well.


I have recently purchased the Rimmel Lasting finish foundation, 25H.

i want to first tell you about my kin type, because i believe that a foundation can turn out differently on different skin types.

i have a normal skin type but my “T-Zone’ does tend to get oily throughout the day. the exception to this is that i do get a oily nose near the end of the day but in the beginning i have a generally dry “T-Zone”…so that is a mouth full.

now for the foundation. the store i went to unfortunately have my shade so i purchased two shades: ivory and Dune.

i used one pump of ivory and less than half a pump of dune and applied my first layer. i used a flat brush, no primer and only moisturizer. it applied quite well and had a medium coverage as well as evened out my skin tone. i did apply a second layer just because i felt my skin, as it is that “problematic” time, needed that second layer. I was quite pleased with this as it applied evenly and did not cake. it felt very light-weight. i did use the ivory shade as a concealer/highlight as it is lighter than my normal foundation shade and it covered my blemishes like my concealer would.

as for the days wear, i did set it with a powder and i spent my day out in the sun. the foundation did begin to shine but no more than a normal foundation would. it did not fade completely like my previous foundation. it is currently just under 12 hours since i applied it and it has not caked or completely started shining. it has stayed on fairly well and still maintained its coverage.

overall i am very pleased with the outcome of the foundation(s) and would recommend this if you can afford it. it is R169.99 south african rands.

I hope this review has helped with your purchasing of the foundation.

i do want to say that the foundation review is, of course, my opinion and results on the foundation and may vary according to different people and their skin type. It is the first time i used this foundation today and will come back to you with a result as i go though my various skin changes( thanks to being 17 and being blessed with ever changing skin type).

I would like to refer you to a review that helped me decide on a foundation and is a comparison between this product and the Rimmel True MAtch foundation



from now til later



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