this weeks post is on the more serious side of life, so if you’re not comfortable with reading about depression and suicide please stop reading. 3 years later. # years later and i am back. Back in the same black hole that seems to suck me in just as if i feel i have it … More untitled


to be or not to be -W.S As i walk through busy streets i notice everyone, their eyes, the smiles or panic, what they say on the phone to their loved ones. I also notice on a different level the millions upon millions of molecules that shift between each individual and myself. As if one … More debate


i see him walk by everyday i look past him because of the fear to say just how i truly feel because his heart belongs to another.   i see him walk by everyday – i try to say the words i fear most there was a day i came close but was reminded he … More another


i am not trying to offend people or hurt anyone or even look for attention. this is to write down my feelings and remember this for some time in the future if i go through something similar. please dont judge or throw negative comments. im sure i couldve found a better way to express how i feel but this is the best way i could bring my emotions into words … More anxiety


I had a plan that I would write everyday be it something small or a topic id like to discuss so far that hasn’t happened and although it was something i was looking forward to i just need to accept its okay not to write everyday. we set personal goals everyday and when we don’t … More thoughts